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My Philosophy and Rates



I believe in providing caring, knowledgeable support and information in a non-judgmental manner.

I believe that supporting families will empower them, thereby creating stronger, healthier babies, families and communities.

Most importantly, I believe that parents instinctively know what is in the best interest of their child.

I will support your decision and direction on how to care for your child.

Overnight Postpartum Care provides more than just a good nights sleep.

In addition to assuring that your new baby is receiving the highest standard of quality care, I also assist with all the extras that make your following day easier.

​*Sterilize and prepare bottles, breast milk or formula for the next   day.

*Labeling and storing breast milk and / or formula.

*Baby's laundry.

*Infant bathing.

*Nursery stocked and maintained.

*Any special or specified request.

I provide you the unique opportunity of sleeping through the night secure in the fact that all of your baby's needs are being vigilantly monitored and met.

Rates / Peace of Mind is Priceless

By choosing the expertise of my Overnight Postpartum Care, you are making an investment in your family.

Having hands on professional, in home care far outweighs the value of any baby product currently on the market today. I fully understand the investment you are making and I strive to provide you with the highest standard of care and support.

My rates are a reflection of my knowledge, experience and commitment to you.

My fees for Overnight Postpartum Care:

Singles, Standard, $35 per hour. Premium $55 per hour

Multiples, Above rates @ Time and a half

(8 hour minimum for overnight care)

Travel Care also available

Discounts and lower rates are available on longer term contracts and other circumstances. Please contact me for specific pricing.

Thank you!                               

Loretta Sandridge, PCD